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Ricardo Anibal Tomiozzo PILAR NIVEL 3. Dirección. Apellido y Nombres. Teléfono. Antonio Beruti 1763. Menafre, Luis Norberto. 4769-6422. ...

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Leonardo [Brasil] 
Oii alguem save algo sobre valentino tomiozzo ? ...

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Daniela Tomiozzo [] 
Sou filha de Bolívar Antônio Tomiozzo e neta de Santo Tomiozzo ...

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Hi to everybody.

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My name’s Simone Tomiozzo, I live in Verona (Italy) and these are the pages I want to dedicate to my family with the purpose of studying its genealogy. I started creating this site a few months ago, when, in Internet, I found the name of : Juan Carlos Tomiozzo. Creating this site I hope to find out the history of my family (DID it START in Italy or DID it COME to Italy?). I published these pages with the help of some friends and my intention is that of trying to trace the very genealogy of my family. For this reason I need the help of anybody who knows something about my family. Here I inserted everything I found out (history, pictures, files) until now.

As U know, privacy is fundamental, so you need a registration and a password to enter and see the whole genealogy.

Special thanks to:

Andrea Tomiozzo (VR - Italy)
Ferruccio Tomiozzo (VR - Italy)
Giovanna Tomiozzo (VI - Italy)

without them I would never have started.

Are you a Tomiozzo or descendant ??? :: (Write here your personal page, for free) ::

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